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Metamorfose Chroomtechnologie
Molenweg 17b
5953 JR Reuver
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 (0)77 474 58 16
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Molenweg 17b
5953 JR Reuver
The Netherland

+31 (0)77 474 58 16

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Your chrome jobs in good hands...

We understand that you don’t entrust your precious chrome parts to just anyone. Because you want it to be perfect, for sure. Therefore you’re looking for a company with the proper knowledge and experience. And for just that, you’ve come to the right place at Metamorfose. You'll also receive an honest quotation beforehand, so you won’t be unpleasantly surprised afterwards. We’ll guarantee a truly brilliant chrome finish.

Industrial series

Grinding, polishing and plating of metal parts is pure craftsmanship. It requires not only knowledge of the materials and the use of proper equipment.

A good technique is also required to achieve perfect results. Nevertheless, we can handle larger series of products at very competitive rates. For different customers, we have already processed several series of high quality products.

Metamorfose is klaar voor duurzame toekomst

Metamorfose Chroomtechnologie in Reuver wekt bijna haar hele gebruik aan elektriciteit zelf op. Het gehele dak van het pand aan de Molenweg is inmiddels voorzien van zonnepanelen. Barend Linskens van Metamorfose vertelt enthousiast: “We besparen er ruim 12.000 kg CO2 mee, want het opgewekte vermogen dekt 90% van ons gehele energieverbruik per jaar.
We zijn enorm trots dat we op deze manier duurzame energie kunnen toepassen in ons bedrijf. De koppeling tussen hele oude techniek (restauratie van oude onderdelen voor oldtimers) en de allernieuwste techniek (zonnepanelen) is fascinerend en geeft uitstekend weer waar Metamorfose voor staat en welke richting we kiezen voor de toekomst”

Choose Metamorfose

Why choose us? Ask our customers! They think that we provide high quality and they also highly appreciate our service. Beyond that, they’re very pleased with the extensive possibilities. Because we can not only chrome plate, but also copper, silver and even gold plate almost any metal part. And thanks to a special process we can even chrome plastic parts!


The entire process, from de-chroming to finishing, we have under total control. We exclusively work with experienced professionals, who guarantee product quality at any stage of the entire process. Whether it’s the chrome plating of a new accessory, or the restoration of a rare spare part. Because craftsmanship simply remains craftsmanship.