Techno Classica Essen | 10-14 April


Techno Classica Essen

Place: Messe Essen
  Essen, DE
Date: 10 - 14 April
Website: Visit the site


Why choose us? Ask our customers! They think that we provide high quality and they also highly appreciate our service. Beyond that, they’re very pleased with the extensive possibilities. Because we can not only chrome plate, but also copper, silver and even gold plate almost any metal part. And thanks to a special process we can even chrome plastic parts!


The entire process, from de-chroming to finishing, we have under total control. We exclusively work with experienced professionals, who guarantee product quality at any stage of the entire process. Whether it’s the chrome plating of a new accessory, or the restoration of a rare spare part. Because craftsmanship simply remains craftsmanship.

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